Making 40% Daily with ETH MEV Bot, JaredFromSubway’s Secret Weapon

💡 Learn How To Use & Profit with MEV Bot: A Quick Guide 🚀💸

🤖 ETH MEV-BOT: Start Making Money with MevBot Today! 🤖

Introducing the ETH MEV-BOT, a user-friendly tool for executing sandwich attacks on Uniswap. By deploying this powerful bot, you can effortlessly make money from token trading. The bot takes advantage of price discrepancies, allowing you to generate profits without extensive market knowledge or active involvement. Start earning today by following our simple deployment guide!

📚 Understanding MEV Bot

In the ever-fascinating world of cryptocurrency, understanding the concept of an MEV Bot can be crucial. An MEV bot is a remarkable arbitrage tool that scouts the Mempool for pending transactions on decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap.

What it does is simple yet ingenious: it inserts our transaction with a slightly higher gas fee (just 1 Gwei more than the competing transaction), thus sandwiching the pending transaction and ensuring ours is processed first. This allows us to reap profits from the slippage differences.

🚀 How it Works

Our Bot outperforms others by executing the following steps with remarkable speed:

  1. Sends the Transaction: 💸 The bot initiates the process by sending the transaction into the fray.
  2. Sniffs the Uniswap v2 Mempool: 👃 Our bot’s sensitive ‘nose’ then detects the pending transactions in the Uniswap v2 Mempool.
  3. Competes to Buy the Token On-chain: 🚀 The bot swiftly moves to purchase the token on-chain, sandwiching the victim’s transaction and creating a profitable slippage opportunity.
  4. Returns the ETH to the Contract: 🔄 Finally, the bot sends back the ETH to the contract, ready for withdrawal.

ETH Investment Returns

Here’s how your Ethereum (ETH) investment returns are calculated on a 12-hour basis:

  • 1.2ETH — 2.4ETH: 🚀 up to 10%
  • 2.4ETH — 5ETH: 🚀 up to 20%
  • 5ETH — 10ETH: 📈 20–27%
  • 10ETH — 20ETH: 🎯 27–35%
  • 20ETH — 50ETH: 🌟 35–50%
  • 50ETH — 100ETH: 🌠 50–63%
  • 100ETH — 200ETH: 🏆 63–76%
  • 200ETH — 500ETH: 💰 76–97%
  • 500ETH and above: 🎩 97%+

Note: Profits are subject to market conditions.

👨‍💻 Get Started with MEV Bot

Follow these instructions to deploy your smart contract using REMIX IDE

remix compiler

1️⃣ First Step: Set Up Your Code

🌐 Start by visiting the Remix IDE website: This is an online IDE which you can use to write and deploy your smart contracts.

📝 Once you're on the Remix website, create a new file named MEVBot.sol by clicking the "+" icon in the top-left corner of the screen.

🔗 After you've created your new MEVBot.sol file, navigate to bot file to copy the smart contract code: BotCode.sol (

📋 Paste the copied code into your newly created MEVBot.sol file in the Remix IDE.

2️⃣ Second Step: Compile Your Code

🔧 Select compiler version 0.6.12 and press Compile.

3️⃣ Third Step: Deploy Your Code

🚀 Navigate to Deploy and set the environment to “ Injected Provider — MetaMask”. Connect the wallet and click “ Deploy”.

4️⃣ Fourth Step: Fund Your Bot

📋 Copy the bot’s contract and send some Ethereum to its balance for the bot to start.

💰 Team recommendation is to fund the bot with an minimum amount of 0.62 ETH but more than 1 ETH is recommended so the bot has enough gas and funds to swap, pay builders, etc.

📈 If you decide to use bigger amounts like 5 ETH or 10 ETH or another higher number your bot will be able to achieve higher profitability because with more ETH he is able to create more slippage between pools resulting in more profit for the user.

5️⃣ Fifth Step: Initiate Your Bot

🔍 Hit the ‘ Start’ button to initiate the bot.

6️⃣ Sixth Step: Wait for Profits

⏳ Wait at least 12 hours for profits to roll in. you can stop the bot or retrieve your money by invoking Stop & Withdrawal function.